There are 3 factions that exist from the Great Divide. They were formed out of neccessity and now all changelings belong to one of them, regardless of if it was an ideological choice or simply where they were awakened. Large scale military movements were on land or see and did not utilise Thresholds as the volume of movement would surely alert the others.

The Heartland LeagueEdit

Wessex and Mercia made a mutual agreement to expand their borders. Mercia lacked any costal areas and as Dumnonia and Cymru had either natural borders or cities blocking access to the coast, they decided the tactical spread east into Anglia. Before they moved their forces, Mercia's lord ensured Wessex would not attack from the South. The High King of Wessex had a different plan, which he posed to his neighbours. If Mercia would attack Jorvic, Wessex would attack Anglia, ensuring both gained land, balanced power - Mercia got it's costal ports and Wessex maintained it's larger coastline. 

When Mercia marched over Jorvics borders, the Jarl of Jorvic sent ambassadors to the north for aid. Northumbria saw the advantage of the attack from the south, with it's own emmisaries already in Mercia, applied to join the Heartland League . They were accepted into the fold and began marching south.

Now their aims and ideals are:

  • Destabilisation of the Caerlaw
  • Gaining any powerful artifacts or allies to empower their armies and return them to military dominance
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The Union of the Ice SeaEdit

Formed initially by the Kingdoms of Jorvic and Anglia in response to the invasions of the Heartland League, after losing what was once Lincolnshire and Kent repsectively, the Union of the Ice Sea was one of neccessity. The estuary that left the Great Nightmare City was enough of a barrier to slow Wessex's advance into Anglia main. Likewise the Humber slowed Mercia's advance into Jorvic. Initially the Jarl of Jorvic and King of Anglia had hoped that they could counter Mercia and push back south, but when Northumbria joined the Heartland League, it stopped any hope of a Jorvic counter-attack. 

Fortunately for the Jarl, the Chief Laird of h-Alba decided that it would only be a matter of time before Northumbria advanced into their lands, answeing Jorvic's call for aid and evening the balance. The Lairds advanced down along the west coast, halving Northumbria and threatening Mercia, evening the balance of power.

Now, with the Caerlaw keeping the peace, the Union has the following aims:

  • Gaining the most influence in the Caerlaw
  • Allowing Jorvic & Anglia the chance to regain lost lands
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The PrydainEdit

The Cymru & Dumnonians were always close allies, sharing the Bri Toll channel and having some of the oldest trade agreements in the Changeling world. When the Heartland League was formed they began marshalling forces along their naturally and ancient fortified lines. It was when h-Alba joined the Union of the Ice Sea and marched south that the Prydain feared drawing the attention of the Others. Both the Princes of Cymru and the Earls of Cornwall believed that all out war must be stopped and played a massive bluff (or threatened an all-or-nothing war). With the signing of the truce at Caer, the Caerlaw was created.

The Prydain have 2 main aims:

  • The continuity of the Caerlaw
    • Keeping Albion from all out war
    • Keeping all Changelings hidden from the Others
    • Finding locating all who awaken
  • The prominance of power to the Prydain
    • Ensuring that their role as peacekeepers goes unchallenge
    • Retrieving any artifacts for hiding in their vaults
    • Finding and controlling as many thresholds as possible